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FBI Nutbags

December 27, 2014

A really awful comedy–bad acting, bad script, bad directing–and the hacking of Sony Pictures has created an international scene because the immediate response was to blame North Korea and then go about proving it. The FBI found the Webpage of the North Koreans. It was in JAPANESE. For the press, they mistranslated it. It reads, “You are really stupid.” And, so we are, indeed, stupid. Proof? ¬†1. Proved their theory after they had already proved their theory: prejudice. 2. Can’t tell the difference between Japanese and Korean.

As for the ¬†banning here and there, Sony, Hollywood and the rest of America have been had and owned outright. Like a child that breaks his boundaries and the punishment never comes: the parents are owned and raise a spoiled, special, above-it-all child who can get anything he wants–expects to get what he wants. All he needs is a threat. Proof positive? Several showings were accomplished and there were no massive retaliations.

Whoever the hackers were–maybe not even Japanese, though Sony is a Japanese company, have shown us that we are a paranoid, frightened country that will jump at the drop of a hat. That should be enlightening but it’s not.

The idea that we must be attentive to every threat as a terrorist threat is ludicrous. It leads to seeing what’s not there. It leads to the inability to discriminate between things. It leads to lashing out at. . .whatever. It leads to broad generalization It leads to repression and oppression.

Frightened, huddled masses.

Really stupid people.


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