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Flash fiction in the rough at

January 28, 2015

At there are several flash fiction pieces, from prompts, that are pretty amazing. Most have a message; a few don’t. The non-message stories are just that: stories. What is so difficult about just telling a story? No preformed lesson attached. As if to say, no propaganda. Nevertheless, the writing and composition of the short-shorts are without doubt superior. Quite enjoyable to read these bits. Breaks in the usual wall, you might say.

It would be nice to trace what the visitors have to say to their friends, et al. But without the interference of NSA and other gov’t organizations, this is not possible. And who would want to pair up with illegal and nefarious groups that would, for no particular reason, turn on you? Or misuse the gathered comments.

On another note, my friend Jimsecor has recovered from yet another drug failure in a bid to find some kind of stabilizing of his mood swings. His manic-depression is quite refractory to treatment, so far. Finding a pyschiatrist that takes Medicare and Medicaid has become difficult; in his town, impossible. I see ethical issues here, covered up by the phrase “opt out of.” As in, Dr. X opts out of Medicare and Medicaid. As if to say, only the affluent are worthy of help. Proving this thesis is easy in Jimsecor’s town: all psychiatrists have moved their offices out to the far west section of the city which is where the affluent live. No one of any worth (affluent prejudice here) lives downtown.

So it is. So it goes.

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