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Anti-vaccination nation

June 8, 2015

The Anti-vaccination Nation

Thank goodness it’s not the entire nation that pooh-poohs on science as if science were just another kind of cat litter! These people jump on the first urban myth bandwagon with run-off that infects their own children and all other children who come in contact with them. These parents, not a very responsible sort, were vaccinated and grew up “normal childhood diseases” free. Since these ignoramuses have been on the warpath, there have been outbreaks of polio and mumps and measles when for decades there were few reports of these diseases and no epidemic-like outbreaks. Part of this has to do with the idea that vaccines are dangerous because of the mercury in them. Really? Why vaccines? Toothpaste and dental fillings are mercury contaminated. But they do not cry out against this. Part is from the idea some religious groups put forth regarding AIDS drugs and sexual disease protection via condom usage: since it’s only 98% effective, it is useless. Really? Saving 98% of people is not good? Two percent of people becoming infected rather than 100% makes the protection invalid? More like the people engaging in this kind of logic are mentally wanting. Vaccines are not 100% effective, so they should not be used? What kind of ignorance is this?

More to the point, these anti-vaccine people are selfish and irresponsible. Why? Because when their unprotected children become infected, all other unprotected children are exposed to infection. Why other unprotected children? Because this anti-vaccine microcephalics have done their best to ban all vaccination in communities. They seem to become very quiet when there is an outbreak of some disease, like measles or mumps or polio, in their communities.

And the newspapers don’t help. Just a week or so after a report of a massive measles outbreak in California, the responsible journalists of America penned an article telling us all that Rubella—the dangerous kind of measles—has been completely wiped out in the US. Once, we were close; then the anti-vaccine crowd began crowing. All of them have forgotten that they were vaccinated and that is why they are free of these diseases. These anti-vaccine idiots have even sued local school districts that require vaccination records before kids are allowed into school. Damn good socially responsible program. An old one, too, from at least 50 years ago. I’m 68. I grew up being able to claim having had, and survived, the “normal childhood diseases.” The following generation never knew these diseases. And, now, once again, the country is faced with these all-but-eradicated diseases. The most we can hope for is that when all of these anti-vaccine addicts’ children come down with mumps they all end up sterile. That’ll be the end of that foolishness.

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