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FreedomPop is FreedomPoop

July 12, 2015

FreedomPop. A really cool company, a really cool idea.

But, alas, a scam. To be kind. Worse than the other guys.

To begin with, FreedomPop offers a 30-free introductory offer. Good. Good marketing. Because what follows is up to $19.99/mo.

But FreedomPop takes 3 weeks to deliver its device and, in 9 days tells you your free month’s service is up.

Excuse me?

Come to find FreedomPop begins its free month’s running time from the time of order not time of first connection. That means, with the notice that delivery time can be 10 days, your free month is, at most, only 20 days—about three weeks. And people accept this? But that three weeks’ time for me ran before I ever received the device. That means my free month lasted about a week.

My anger was appeased by a woman telling me that my time would be extended. Thank you.

By that time, I’d been scammed by Covington Who’s Who and closed down my debit card. I told this woman when my month of free service was soon to be over to contact me and I’d get FreedomPop’s information from her and begin automatic bank payment. Why? Because there was now no secure way to pass along my card information.

Two weeks after I get my device, I’m told that I’m going to be disconnected, by some man, because I’ve not paid.

Then, a couple days later, I get another note from FreedomPop, from a man, who tells me that because of problems with billing, I’m going to be disconnected and it will cost me not only the new month’s amount but $10 to reconnect. But no means of proffering this secure information is offered.

What kind of marketing is this?

What kind of customer service is this?

What kind of intra-office communication is this?

In order to accomplish anything—nothing according to contract—I must make a phone call. A company that does all its business online, even though there is damn little information on their site, needs to continue to do business by phone? The pre-Internet “old fashioned” way?

It seems there is a disconnect within FreedomPop.

This is no way to do business.

Let us review:

I bought the device on 5 May.

I connected on 28 May. 28 May is the day I received my device.

Adding a month’s time (30 days) that means my free month of service should expire on 25 June.

However, I am told in three days that my free month is up, please pay. . .and there’s a problem with receiving payment.

After two days, this problem is fixed and my free month of service will expire on 25 June. I tell the woman that I will begin paying, as I’d been scammed and my card discontinued.

Unless, I suppose, I use up the 500 megs. As of two weeks into this month’s freedom, I received a note that I only had 200 megs remaining. Good to be reminded, considering the slimness of the proffered service.

But, then, the following day I’m told my account will be closed that midnight. This by a man, not the woman I’d dealt with before.

The midnight did not happen.

But a few days later I get a note that there’s a problem with my bill paying and I’m to be shut down and must pay $10 to reconnect along with the $19.99 monthly fee. This note from a different man.

FreedomPop is at least as bad as ATT in this respect: customer service, billing and intra-office communication. At ATT they don’t exist in any kind of working order. Neither do they at FreedomPop, it seems.

And now, right on time, at two weeks post reception of device and first connection, FreedomPop has blocked Internet access.

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