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Concierge medicine

The Concièrge Model of Medical Records

The Concièrge Model of Medical Records is an extension of the Business Model of Medicine’s Concièrge Model of Medicine. This Concièrge Model of Medicine is a simple business. For a specific amount of money per month, you get complete access to your doctor and all tests are covered. There is, as you might expect, a hierarchy of plans, the most expensive being the Cadillac. The Concièrge Model of Medicine is touted as the treatment for everybody. In my hometown, the starting treatment option is $45/month. The PR is, of course, faux parole, faux vérité, as in il n’y a pas un once de vérité dans ce qu’il dit, as in “there’s not an ounce of truth in what he says.” The Concièrge Model of Medicine, in truth, is only for those who can afford it. Those at the lower end of the class hierarchy in this country cannot afford $45/month. Some couldn’t afford such care if it were available for less than $10/month. All of those who must depend on Medicaid, for whatever reason, cannot afford the Concièrge Model of Medicine. Ergo, there’s not an ounce of truth in what is said: it is not available to everyone. Unless by “everyone” is meant “everyone that matters.”

But this lie is hiding a much worse crime, shall we call it. This kind of medical practice is very popular with the Tea Baggers and Texans and disillusioned Southerners: if you can’t afford medical care, you deserve to die. This is, in fact, a central part of Marxist doctrine, for everyone must work: if you don’t work, if you do not put anything into the system–the State–you deserve nothing–no food, no housing, nothing. You deserve to die. Marx is not known for his humanitarianism; he had a rather poor opinion of mankind. Yet, in the good ol’ US of A, this attitude is part of the freedom that supposedly characterizes the country. It is also a means by which to reduce government expense, relieving the country’s debt; that is, getting rid of undesirables. Of course, these kinds of Americans have no idea how much the lower classes, the poor, do put things into the system. With their various assistances, they put money into the economy; without this, no matter how small it might be, businesses would go bust, unemployment would increase and more people would need the assistances these American extremists deride. Many of these lower class and poor people hold jobs that do not pay a living wage. If they were stripped of their supportive assistances, they’d soon succumb and lose their jobs. Who would take their place? No self-respecting American, that’s for sure! Illegal aliens, who would take these jobs, are damned, abused and then sent back “home.” There is, yet again, no one taking up the slack, no one takes such jobs. The employers cannot do the jobs, or are too lazy (aka too busy) to do the jobs, which is why they hired the low class individual to do it in the first place, paying as little as possible and offering no. . .perks. So, these freedom-loving, debt-eliminating Americans would not only be accessories to murder–if not premeditated murderers–they would be Marxist ruiners of the land and culture they purportedly love. Patriotism knows no bounds.

The Concièrge Model of Medicine is the ultimate in “if you can’t afford to pay for care, you deserve to die,” the ultimate expression of a Marxist doctrine. Arrogant greed. To hell with caring or that repressive thing called ethics. The Concièrge Model of Medicine is the ultimate in Social Darwinism: some are better than others and those some are deserving.

Who made whom God?

In fact, what kind of God is it that makes some people more deserving than others? I guess all men aren’t created equal.

There is no stopping here, for there is a third piece to the puzzle of greed and abuse. This is the Concièrge Model of Medical Records. One of the more egregious of these concièrge-like organizations is CopiesFYI out of the Kansas City area. For those who do not know, there are two Kansas Cities: one, the non-famous one, in Kansas, the other in Missouri. Large business concerns engage in cross-border business. CopiesFYI is based in KC, KS. CopiesFYI is a service offered free to physicians on both sides of the border. Because doctors and doctors’ staff are so terribly busy, there is no time for medical records staff to copy records if they are needed by other doctors. CopiesFYI boasts that its profits are between $2-2.5 million per year. If the service is free to doctors, how can they possibly make any money? Answer: the patients that want their records sent elsewhere pay. The price is hefty indeed. There is a flat $25 fee followed by 75 cents/page for this copying. Those at the down end of society cannot afford such a trolling. There is no exception to the dictum that your “records will not be released until payment is received.” That is to say, if you can’t pay, you deserve to die. People get left stranded as CopiesFYI holds their records captive. People with chronic problems go without treatment, perhaps having to visit–or be taken by ambulance to–the emergency room. Medicaid and Medicare pay only a portion of the cost of the ambulance ride and the emergency room costs. There is a flat fee for entering the ER followed by charges for doctors, nurses, technicians, tests and treatments. The usual discharge directions are to return to your family physician for follow-up; ERs do not dispense or prescribe medication any more. But the victims of CopiesFYI have no family physician to return to, as their records are held captive until CopiesFYI is paid for its services. So, the untreated person falls into a Mœbius Strip kind of existence, in and out of the ER at great expense to the government, both state and federal. And no help to themselves.

It is appropriate to remember that the patient-victim did not contract for CopiesFYI’s services: the physician did.

Any more, in the name of business and efficiency, doctors files and notes are electronic. They can be transferred anywhere electronically at no cost to anyone, just a click of the mouse. Why, then, would a doctor use CopiesFYI?

Of course, the story does not end there, for if the patient-victim does not fork over the outrageous fee, CopiesFYI turns the account over to a collection agency. These collection agencies are proactive in going after their prey: they get nothing if they do not capture the delinquent account. What does CopiesFYI do with the medical record if it is never paid for?

The fee is far more important than either the paper copies or the patient-victim, who is a person, a human being. Their love of money drives CopiesFYI in an Abrahamic sacrifice of people. How many people will worsen to the point of totally disability or even death while CopiesFYI sits on their files like a protective roosting hen?

Shall we speak to our preyers before we go to bed?

Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray my soul CopiesFYI to keep

And if I die before I pay

CopiesFYI still takes it away

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