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Sleep Apnea: The Great Lie I

In my Ion I drew pictures of people who lie to themselves about what happens in the world in order to keep their religious worldview alive. So much of actuality does not fit the gods’ explanations. In Hecuba and Trojan Women I illustrated how people will take the names of their gods in vain in order to rationalize their very own inhumanity. Menelaus and Agamemnon being by far the greatest heretical abusers. However, at the same time, Hecuba and Trojan Women showed the petty, whimsical nature of the gods. They play with their human subjects, their chosen people, as if they are no more than game pieces. And, of course, many of our gods are punitive: if you don’t do what I say, I will hurt you, torture you, kill you. Even more, again in Ion, I brought out how the gods lie to people, including inveigling the poor human into joining in on the dissembling.
In all cases, an imposition, a plague on the people. Gods must be Numero Uno. Gods must control and dictate. There is no greater method to insure power and pre-eminence than via fear. For the priests and prophets of the temple, fear can also be most profitable.
But when humans, the chosen people, decide to emulate their gods, the result is disingenuous. As long as these all too fallible authority figures keep their professed knowledge secret or draped in near-magic syllables and therefore little understood clothing–technology and jargon–they can maintain power and control. At present, these hungry humans seeking after god are medical doctors. The public still sees doctors as ethical humanitarians who have taken up a selfless calling and therefore are held in great esteem, nigh-gods. The plague, called an epidemic–plague is so unscientific–the plague they are casting upon the world is Sleep Apnea.
Sleep Apnea kills. We are all going to die of this sneaky disease that we most likely don’t know we have.
This god-like punitive epidemic of Sleep Apnea is a hoax. A very profitable hoax as the gods and the priests are one and the same.
Some people in fact do suffer from sleep apnea. If you can watch or you sleep next to someone with sleep apnea, the outward manifestation of the condition becomes obvious: breathing stops, then a catch and breathing begins again. This is the extreme case. As with snoring–also a symptom of sleep apnea–rolling the sufferer over on his side can alleviate the problem of not breathing or not breathing well. It is, however, the extreme case that the medical profession is peddling as the death that awaits us all even though few will ever experience this extreme–or any apnea worth noting.
Apnea worth noting? Everyone while sleeping has moments of shallow to no breathing. Moments. Our breathing during sleep is not regular: breathing varies in variegated manner, from deep breaths to shallow breaths and all levels inbetween. It is via this natural occurrence that the medical profession can foist upon us the extreme–and the fear of dying.
Cheap dramatics. Faux logic.
Where is the wagon used by snake oil salesmen, I wonder. The cure being hawked? CPAP machines. (CPAP = Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) The CPAP machine is horribly expensive. Whoever sells the CPAP makes a handy profit. Insurance companies raise their rates for the CPAP user because of increased opportunity for disease and death. The prescribers, the doctors, les éminences grise, benefit as well–or they’d neither test nor proscribe.
An example: in my town there is one sleep specialist. She diagnoses and reads the test results–jobbing in the technicians (from Florida)–and then prescribes. Monopoly. Anything goes.
Let me give you the surface faux pas that the Sleep Apnea mountebanks use to build their case for what they call an epidemic: killer Sleep Apnea.
Be afeared!
In the extreme cases of sleep apnea there are daytime (waking) symptoms, as one would expect. The medical establishment regresses from these symptoms to build a questionnaire that proves if you have these symptoms you suffer from sleep apnea (available at innumerable Internet sites, including the NIH). Not extreme sleep apnea: Sleep Apnea period. And if you don’t get treatment, you are going to die.
There is no leeway for extenuating circumstances. It is an all or nothing situation. Two-dimensional, simplistic thinking. The intellectual status quo of late.
Let me enumerate the more egregious indicators.
1. If you take a nap during the day, you are a sufferer from Sleep Apnea. This would make all Spanish, Portuguese, Mexicans, South Americans and Chinese sufferers of Sleep Apnea and impending death. A ridiculous proposition, no?
2. There is a kind of sleep apnea known as obstructive sleep apnea. In children, this can be due to chronic enlarged tonsils and adenoids, causing, often enough, snoring. In adolescents and adults, obstructions to breathing can be a deviated septum, nodes and/or blocked sinuses. In all cases, when the obstruction is removed breathing is restored. Logical, no? Not according to Sleep Apnea specialists–as opposed to otolaryngologists–who maintain obstruction be damned. Once you have Sleep Apnea, you always have Sleep Apnea. Sleep Apnea does not go away. Logical fallacy, no?
3. Men with a neck size of 17 ½” or greater suffer from Sleep Apnea. Where did this neck size criterion come from? This measurement is for clothing size XL and greater. Same neck size criterion for women, XL and greater. This means that very nearly all athletes suffer from life-threatening Sleep Apnea, especially rugby players, American football players, weight lifters, Olympic athletes, basketball players and Sumo wrestlers. Another ridiculous proposition, no?
And finally, for this article, the medical hucksters do not believe in boredom as an excuse for falling asleep during the day. Ralph A. Pasqualy [sic], M.D., in Snoring and Sleep Apnea, 4th ed., writes: “It is not normal to have to fight to stay awake, even in really boring meetings. If you ever are struggling against sleepiness during the day, you need to find out why, because that much drowsiness is not normal. Find out now before it further undermines your life (p.7)” [italics Pasqualy’s]
“[T]hat much drowsiness”? How much drowsiness? Where is the overage? Where is the discussion of drowsiness at all? As with all other discussions of Sleep Apnea, including from the NIH, there is no exception; all is declarative pronouncement. It’s either this or nothing–and no citations for confirmation. That is, no studies.
Most people don’t need to “find out why” they are drowsy, they know. Like. . . boredom, a heavy carbohydrate lunch, over-drinking alcohol the night before, up all night with a sick child/lover, depression, illness, narcolepsy. . .
What is normal in this case? This ground is never established.
There is nothing to compare “that much drowsiness”–or any drowsiness–to. Even when mentioning EDS (EDS = Excessive Daytime Sleepiness) there is no discussion and no baseline standard. You believe, I’m the professional (god) there’s no need for me to explain. The lies the gods tell their chosen people: power and control and riches.
This article is only a teaser. A more in-depth analysis is forthcoming, looking at interpretation of cited studies supposedly supportive of the life-threatening Sleep Apnea epidemic.

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